Professor Ilhedith Knox doing whatever she does!


*draws character* hmm better add in a background so theyre not just standing around on a white backdrop

*draws single flatcolor circle behind character* perfect

Current WIP of my hunter, Ardris.
Commission for paladinidry of their paladin Idry! Had a lot of fun with this one! One of the best customers I’ve had in years! Cheers!If you’re interested in commissions please send a note! Pieces like these go for $40.00! 
paladinidry asked:
Do you take art commissions by chance?

I haven’t opened commissions in a while but I do accept them, yes! I don’t have an updated price list, however. (

Worgen Rogue Lhyrra!
Another Ardris sketch that may never actually be completed.

14 notes on a single post fills me with so much joy you’ve no idea. Last day of move and then this hand will get back to business! 

(Drawing, I meant drawing.)

Ardris sketch concept. Nelf hunter,